Inspiring Edge Fashion Show (part 2): in pictures

On 11th November we attended the live Inspiring Edge Fashion Show, organised by Embrace U Empire and raising funds for Mek Ah Step CIC. Local Tottenham based designer FYC was in the mix. See below for some of the highlights of the night.

I AM Designs
Mek Ah Step T shirts designed by the kids
Ethnic Royals
STR Designs
Tobams Colors
Touch of KoKo
Flora Dezeta

Congratulations goes to the competition winners:
Inspiring Edge Best Design 2017: Tobams Colors
Inspiring Edge Best Female Model 2017: Amy Chantelle
Inspiring Edge Best Male Model 2017: David Dave Hollela
Inspiring Edge Best Teen Model 2017: Tiger-Lily Chandler
Inspiring Edge Teen Icon 2017: Jessica O’Donegan

Read part 1, our exclusive interview with founder Haylee Venus, here:

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