Crafty North Londoner tells us about Etsy Made Local Tottenham

Ahead of the upcoming Etsy Made Local Tottenham Christmas market on 2nd December, DT had a chat with the organiser, Nonia Jeroh, better known as Crafty North Londoner.

Etsy Made Local is a national one day event that will see over 20 cities in the UK celebrating the makers, designers and collectors that make up the creative community selling on

Where did the idea to hold an Etsy Christmas market come from?

Earlier in the year while on maternity leave, I started my jewellery business, Pink Mushroom Designs, where I design, make and produce hand painted geometric beads. The platform I chose to display my products to the world was Etsy.

After meeting a number of local makers and after a series of unsuccessful applications to other craft markets, I decided what we needed was a platform to celebrate the makers and designers of Tottenham. Having lived in Tottenham my whole life, I recognised there was a need.

Why did you choose an Etsy market rather than just a Christmas market?

Etsy is one of the top marketplaces for handmade and vintage goods, but it’s online. Choosing to host the Christmas market through Etsy meant that a greater number of makers and designers could be brought offline and into the real world – we like connecting with other humans!

What can visitors expect to find?

We will have a wide selection of products ranging from beautiful handmade throws, to Christmas decorations, to original pieces art. You will also be treated to some Christmas classics played by a steelpan band.

We have many talented vendors but highlights include beautifully elegant jewellery by Naomi Tracz Jewellery; Witty Ditty Designs, who cleverly makes learning easy as pie through printed rhymes on duvet covers and cushions; and Sara Hoque Art, who knows how to use colour like you’ve never seen before! Her plant pots will add more than a splash of colour to your home.

How did you get started with your own stall Pink Mushroom Designs?

A friend from my days spent travelling often wore geometric necklaces and I loved how they could jazz up an outfit in literally seconds. Many years later, she still wears them and I thought, ‘That would look nice in pink.’ I have to confess, pink is my favourite colour and I’ll never give it up!

Can you tell us a bit about your necklaces suitable for new mums?

I sell a range of teething necklaces (not to be worn by young children) and bracelets which worked a treat for my son and, as a result, I gained one ruined necklace and my neck is still intact! Jokes aside, I would rather refer to them as sensory necklaces as they are great for those who require focus. It is widely recognised that some people with sensory issues find chewing a way to help them remain calm and, in one instance, one of my necklaces was bought by a customer to help their child who often experienced anxiety attacks.

Pink Mushroom necklaces

The Etsy Tottenham Christmas market is at Tottenham Town Hall on 2nd December from 11am – 4.30pm.

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