Video: Earlsmeade Primary School explore You Are What You Eat

A group of year sixes from Earlsmead Primary School on Broad Lane, N15, have been working with Dunya Kalantery to produce and co-direct a series of films for a YouTube series called You Are What You Eat. The four episodes were devised, presented, co-directed and co-edited by the group of 11-year-olds, putting children’s voices first, to explore the questions:

What does it mean to be healthy? How does our food, our culture and our health intersect?

Put together with the aim of sparking the curiosity of and a conversation with the children around health, the series was accompanied by a teachers’ pack of exercises and conversation starters.

The series started with a trip along West Green Road and delves into the food culture of the local area. They also explore gut science of the microbiome, lacto-fermentation and trace the origins of some of the foods at London Grown, a farm in Enfield.

The children were involved at all stages of the process and the episodes are an inspiring and insightful glimpse into their ‘incredible minds’.

Episode 1: On the High Street (Part 2)

Episode 2: The Microbiome – Getting busy in Gut City

Episode 3: How to breed your own bacteria – Kimchi DIY

Episode 4: Chips and the potato – An investigation by Earlsmead Primary School

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