Things to do: Tottenham’s music venues

New River Studios 199 Eade Rd, N4 1DN

New River Studios is a not-for-profit venue, cafe and bar, complete with music rehearsal spaces, private studios and radio station (199Radio). They opened in 2015, and are part of an ongoing project, UK Music Rehearsal Spaces. Their second and neighbouring events and exhibition space, ExFed, will soon be opening permanently.
Food & Drink
Tea from £1, beer from £3.50. Daytime bagels and sandwiches, pizza from 6pm.
Opening times
9am – midnight
Rehearsal spaces 8am – 6pm £7.50 per hour. 6pm onwards £12.50 per hour.
What’s on?
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Five Miles. Photo: Al Overdrive

Five Miles 39B Markfield Rd, N15 4QA

At Five Miles you’ll find a cafe, bar, brewery and nightclub with custom-built sound system. Deano Jo of Five Miles explained, ‘I am a North London boy and Turnpike Lane, Wood Green and Seven Sisters were my teenage stomping grounds. Some friends of friends had a recording studio complex called Ten87 and, when they had secured a big warehouse opposite, they reached out to us about running a cafe and bar for their tenants. We convinced them to let us open a nightclub.’
Food & Drink
Craft beer from £5, food from Torshi
Opening times
Monday (closed), Tuesday 11am – 11pm, Wednesday 11am – 12pm, Thursday 11am – 2am, Friday 11am – 4am, Saturday 12pm – 4am, Sunday 12pm – 11pm
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The Cause

The Cause, Ashley House, Ashley Road, N17 9LZ

Formerly a former mechanics’ depot, The Cause is Tottenham’s newest nightclub and workspace offering. The club is donating 40% of it’s profits to Mind In Haringey, Calm (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and is raising awareness of Help Musicians helpline Music Minds Matter. You’ll also find Grow Tottenham next door.
Food & Drink
Beers from £4. Two for £10 on selected cocktails every day 5-7pm. Brazilian-inspired barbecue, all you can eat for £20 (only available at certain times). Pizza from June.
Opening times
Weds & Thurs 5pm-12pm, Fri 5pm-5am, Sat 12pm to 5am, Sunday 12pm to 12am.
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Bones & Pearl

Bones & Pearl 60-68 Markfield Rd, N15 4QF

Bones & Pearl were originally looking for a sister to their music studio on Holloway Road when they fell in love with the space. As it was previously an art studio, they decided to keep it as an arts and events space.
Food & Drink
Craft ale can £3.50, double JD and coke £6.50. They also make a mean Rum Punch. Everything from Texas style to vegan barbecues in their Car-B-Que (in the boot of a BMW that has been sawn in half).
Opening times
Open until 2am Friday and Saturday
What’s on?
Listings on

Others to watch…

Antwerp Arms, Balabam, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Blighty India, Craving Coffee, Tottenham Cafe Connect, The Bluecoats

This article first appeared in the Music & Performance issue of Discovering Tottenham which was released in June 2018.

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