Avril’s Walks and Talks: African Caribbean Walk Around Tottenham

In partnership with Avril’s Walks and Talks

In 1554 King Philip of Spain arrived in London to marry Queen Mary. His entourage included one Balthazar Sanchez, a sweetmaker, and his wife, both of whom were Moors. The King went back to Spain. But what of Balthazar and his wife? Well, they decided to remain in London, setting up home in what is now Tottenham High Road. So, what were his achievements? And why is his name still being mentioned in Tottenham today? Where exactly in Tottenham did he live?

Come and hear “moor” about Sanchez and his achievements in Tottenham. Avril’s Walks and Talks takes you on a fascinating tour around Tottenham looking at the area from a black perspective.

This two hour tour will take you from the 1550’s right up to today, showing you the area in a different light. Here are just some of the things the walk covers:

  • Wartime Britain and Black people’s contribution
  • The industrialisation of Black Hair
  • Tottenham Outrage
  • Police Relations in the area
  • Moves and Grooves, the clubs of Tottenham
  • Black Comedy in Tottenham


For further information and tickets, contact Avril on:


A bit about Avril…

Born in Dominica, West Indies, Avril Nanton came to London in 1965 and lived most of her young life in Islington. She went to school in Hackney and as an adult lived a lot of her life in Tottenham, so she’s a north Londoner through and through. She needs a passport to go to south London!

In 1997 she met Robin Walker, author of the iconic African history book When We Ruled, the man who was to change her life forever. Avril began attending Robin’s Black History classes in Seven Sisters, and her interest in her own people’s history began to flourish. It wasn’t long before she began to work with Robin to learn more and more about African history. Over the decades, as Avril’s knowledge has expanded, she has gone on to learn a lot more about not only her own history, but her personal family history as well.

Avril in front of Dreph mural Tottenham

In 2010 she was made redundant. Avril had worked in charities for almost all her life and wanted to go in a different direction. She chose to go to the University of Westminster to study Tour Guiding in the Architecture and Built Environment department. In 2016 she qualified as a professional Tour Guide and set up Avril’s Walks and Talks.

Since then she has given many tours and presentations around London. Her biggest and busiest month is October which is Black History Month in the UK. Avril prides herself on being one of the few black female Black History Tour Guide specialists in the UK and intends to ensure she inspires as many people as possible in the field of Black History.


She has worked with the Ministry of Defence, the Lord Mayor of London, the City of London Police Museum, Dennis Bovell, Fatman Sound, Body Music, Robin Walker, Andrew Muhammad, many schools and universities and Sheba Montserrat to name but a few.

The walks usually run throughout the summer months (April through to October). Keep an eye on the website for new dates or contact Avril directly on her mobile number if you would like to arrange a private walk.



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