Farewell, for now

After a successful few years of running the website, releasing five print editions and a branded beer, Discovering Tottenham is no longer active. It’s been an amazing journey with DT since its launch in 2016 and I can’t believe how much has changed since then! For now, DT will act as a brilliant archive of some of the amazing places and businesses in the area.

As editor, I felt that the types of partnerships I could build to take the magazine forwards would not be right for it as a publication and the people and businesses it was created to support. Having grown the publication from an idea on Instagram, to having a few thousand readers of each issue was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of putting it together. I met so many inspirational local people and businesses, many of whom remain friends.

After interviewing and working with well over 200 small businesses and creatives in Tottenham, across London and beyond, I was inspired to find a new way to support them. I had a bit of a rethink on how I could best utilise my skills to support small businesses and freelancers at an affordable rate and decided to focus on providing marketing, social media, content and websites. You can find out more about the freelance work I am doing by visiting: hazelbrowncreative.com

By Hazel Brown (DT Founder and editor)

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