A quick chat with singer-songwriter Cocoa Futures

A quick chat with singer-songwriter Cocoa Futures

DT had a brief chat with Tottenham-based singer-songwriter Greg Sanderson aka Cocoa Futures.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest EP – Recovery?

Sure, it’s got five songs on it including three bangers. It came out in December last year and we recorded it with a great producer, Brendan Williams, in a lovely studio in Manchester called Low Four. It’s pretty peppy.

When did you first get into music?

I got really into Nirvana, Hendrix and The Beatles as a kid. Then I got the bug for coming up with my own stuff.

How long have you been in Tottenham?

About seven years now – it’s great, isn’t it? It feels really nice to be part of this lovely community.

Highlights of Tottenham life include:

  • Playing Saturday morning squash with friends at the leisure centre. Email cocoafutures@gmail.com to challenge us.
  • Jerk Chicken (with extra sauce) at Bernie Grant Arts Centre
  • A Tottenham Special at The Garden House
  • The High Cross – top pints, top spot
  • The Post! Great new venue

What do you most enjoy about performing and making music?

The best bit is knocking a song together that you’re proud of.

Cocoa Futures - live shotS

Tell us about your songwriting process – how do you come up with ideas for a new track?

I usually mess around with ideas on the piano or Ableton on the computer and then take them to the band. Around 1% work out.

What can fans expect from a performance?

Quite a groovy time really. Some singing.

What have you got coming up?

As well as some more recording, we’ve got a couple of gigs lined up for the spring:

Amersham Arms on 12 April
Servant Jazz Quarters on 22 May 22


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