The Post Bar: Tottenham’s latest drinkspot and live music venue

When we noticed a new bar had opened on the High Road, opposite Tottenham Green, we couldn’t resist popping in for a chat. Recently opened by Michela, Camilo and Clement, The Post Bar is Tottenham’s latest drinkspot offering both food and live music from around the world. Michela and Camilo told us all about it.

(L-R) Michela, Clement and Camilo

How did it all start?

Michela: Camilo has run lots of Latin American parties in different venues over the years which is how we met. He was looking at this venue to do a party and hire it for one night and then we found out that the lease was available. Camilo and Clement come from the food industry and I have a background in theatre.

The building had been empty for quite a while and the landlord wanted it to be filled. It was such a good opportunity – although a bit scary – and we decided to take the plunge.

From our research this building was an estate agents for 20 years. Prior to that we think it was a post office. Hence the name The Post. We like vintage things and we’ve collected a lot things for the space.

Camilo: We were meant to do one party here about a year ago. The owner of this building has lots of pubs and clubs in Shoreditch and a friend of mine – who’s also from South America – used to work for him as a sound engineer. My friend said, ‘Camilo, maybe call this guy so we can set up your party.’ He called me and said, ‘you can do your party here, but you could also open a bar…’

Michela: We didn’t have a huge budget but we told him, ‘we’ll grow and build – take a chance on us.’ He really liked our aspect of eventually wanting to do coffee and food and be somewhere for the community as well a performance space.

What do you do in theatre?

Michela: I’m stage manager, company manager. I work on Les Misérables, the UK tour, at the moment.

How long have you been in Tottenham?

Camilo: We are new to the area. We used to live in Brixton. Before that I lived in Hackney in a narrow boat. The last three years I’ve been in Brixton, and we’ve now moved here around the corner from the venue.

You came here to do one party and you ended up with a bar! Did you do the party?

Michela: That was our opening night!

Camilo: That was great. We brought people from all over London but now we want to start working more with local people.

So your background was food?

Camilo: Yes.

Michela: Argentinian steak sandwiches.

Brixton Cumbia AssociationS

What can people expect from The Post?

Camilo: We are planning to open in the morning and at lunchtime, and use the front of the bar as a coffee area. After 6pm we open the bar with live music. Different music every night, open mic sessions, jams…

Michela: On Sunday we’ve started The Post band with some local musicians. We’re also open from 3pm so that people from the Tottenham Green Market maybe want to venture in.

Camilo: Every Wednesday we have blues with a band from Italy. Thursday is gypsy music from a Greek band – they also do electronic music. Friday and Saturday the licence is until 3am so we’re going to do afrobeat – lots of different parties with a DJ.

Michela: We’ve got a Tango night on Friday!

Camilo: We also have a garden, and in the summer we’ll do open pizza and BBQ.

How have you found the project so far?

Michela: One friend, who’s a carpenter and plumber, and Camilo have done everything. It looks quite shabby chic now but it was a lot of work. They haven’t stopped day and night since November. Then we have begged and borrowed furniture. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, is being completely refurbished so we got some of the pieces from there including the chairs, rope and fridges. There’s a piece from our friend’s lounge and the rest is from vintage markets.

Talking about it now has made me realise how much we’ve done. We don’t have days off anymore! I’m back up to Edinburgh with the theatre production tonight and Camilo is still working on a food stall at a market.

The Post 2

Tell us more about your plans!

Michela: Because there’s so many cultures in London – even amongst ourselves, the three of us being French, Argentinian and British – we want it to be a meeting place for every nationality. We might be doing a Cuban night but we want people to experience that.

We want it to be a place for the whole community. We want everyone involved. If people have got ideas of what nights they might want to do, we’d like them come and talk to us.

The community seems really friendly!

Camilo: We’re hoping word of mouth will spread. It’s like a small town here, people start to speak to each other. We want to make friends and get to know people.

Michela: In the future, I’d love for us to work here all the time. Bring theatre here!

They are working with new local brewery Oddly Brewery and have a selection of other drinks available. Prices start at £3.50 for a bottle of beer. They also plan to have cocktails to match the theme of the night: for instance mojitos on a Cuban night.

The Post Bar, 316 High Road, London, N15 4BP

(Hours subject to change so keep an eye on their social media pages) Open during the week from 8am for coffee. Bar is open Wed, Thursday 6pm – 1am. Friday and Saturday 6pm – 3am. Sunday 3pm – 1am.


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